Haiku Stairs - Stairway to heaven (by Priit Siimon)

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Cologne Cathedral, Germany

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this photograph intrigues me so much! why isn’t this the most famous photo from 9/11 instead of the falling man? isn’t 2 people holding hands after jumping more significant than 1 man? it makes me wonder what the story is behind this photo, were they friends or lovers? or just strangers who were too scared to jump alone? it shows that people need a helping hand even in their final moments, i love it.

Fucking reblog today; tomorrow. Any day I see it on my dash. Beautiful. I for one think they were strangers. Sometimes it’s easier to care for a stranger, how else would they have found the courage to not only jump, but to look into someone’s eyes and jump. I don’t think I could have done that if I knew the person well.

Fuck man imagine what was going through their heads.

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Ink drawing by Lupe Vasconcelos

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Who else needs this? <3

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Alguien no me deja levantarme de mi cama…


Happy birthday to my inspiration, idol and role model - Lana Del Rey! I love her with all my heart and I can’t even describe how much she changed my life! Lizzy, I wish you to be happy. I love you angel!

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I like this better than the photoset

This is awesome

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